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Molly Smitten-Downes,
Eurovision 2014

My Eurovision 2014 Top Ten - 3 points go to… THE UNITED KINGDOM!

UK is known for their mixed results since they last won in 1997, and specially for sending acts who had their days of glory in the 60s-80s in the past few years. Unfortunately for them, this formula never worked, so they’ve spent most of the latest years at the bottom of the scoreboard. However this year the BBC decided to take a very different approach and send a new, young and widely unknown performer with a more fresh sound. They selected Molly who will perform an anthemic entry written with live performance in mind. 

It seems that this new approach is working because it has been tipped as one of the favourites to win this year, maybe not as strongly as Armenia or Sweden, but still, the sole fact it has been considered as such is a big improvement from past years.

My prediction? I think this is a year in which the UK finally has a chance, but will we be heading to London in 2015? We’ll know in a few weeks time!

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Conchita Wurst,
Eurovision 2014

My Eurovision 2014 Top Ten - 2 points go to… AUSTRIA!

Conchita Wurst was one of the first performers to be announced for this year’s contest and from that very moment controversy unleashed, you don’t see a bearded lady everyday after all… I’m going to be honest, since the first time I heard about her I was curious so I looked for some of her songs, and found That’s what I am, the song with which she tried to represent Austria in 2012 and… I wasn’t that impressed. I very much agree with the message she’s trying to spread and all, but the song was just so-so for me, so I didn’t have big expectation for her 2014 entry.

However, when Rise like a Phoenix finally got released I instantly fell in love with it. A timeless ballad that could very well work as a Bond theme, with vocals a lot better than in That’s What I Am and I got hooked. The musical arrangement is what I love the most, and I regret the fact that the live orchestra at Eurovision is a practice that got discontinued long ago, because I bet this would’ve sounded a lot better with a live orchestra.

My prediction? There is so much hype surrounding Austria this year, so I doubt it won’t qualify, however just like there are so many people supporting Conchita, there are also a lot who oppose her, regardless of the results, it will be an interesting ride.

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Eurovision 2014

My Eurovision 2014 Top Ten - 1 point goes to…. DENMARK!

It is finally time for my personal top 10 for this year’s Eurovision and I’ll start with the host nation, Denmark!

I loved Basim since I heard the previews for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and he was my favourite to win from the start (alongside Michael Rune) something told me he wouldn’t make it, this kind of light themed songs usually don’t do that well (or so I thought) but I was proved wrong. Truth is, it’s a very uplifting song, has a catchy chorus which gets stuck in your head, and it makes you wanna dance, a winning combination. My prediction? I don’t think Denrmak will win for a second time in a row, but I’m pretty sure people will remember it and it will do well. Some people even think this might be a dark horse, well, we’ll see about that!

sebAlter being absolutely adorable

(vía eurovision-music-tv)

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Eurovision 2013

2013 - Cascada - Glorious (Germany)

Welcome to the final post in my countdown of favourite Eurovision entries from the past 10 years, now is time for 2013.

Last year we saw some great entries in Malmö, but also some mixed results and some big surprises, maybe the biggest surprise was San Marino, after the joke Valentina Monetta was just a year before, she came back with a completely different, more mature approach, proving she can sing and actually have a competitive entry. Unfortunately she didn’t make it to the final still, but still was a great improvement. Also, after so many years of not advancing to the final, The Netherlands finally made it with Anouk. Besides these I also liked Belarus, Estonia, Ukraine, Montenegro and Israel, these last two also suffered from the great injustice of not making it to the final despite being two great songs.

My top favourite for this year is actually Sweden, but I’ve talked so much about Robin before, so I decided to mention Cascada instead. Another big surprise, many thought Germany would end up quite high in the scoreboard with the help of Cascada’s “big name”, however predictions were proved wrong when they ended in 21st. It is true that their live performance was not great, to put it nicely, but the song itself is still one of my favourites and I so enjoy listening to it.

Now, onwards to 2014!

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Zeljko Joksimovic,
Eurovision 2012

2012 Zeljko Joksimovic - Nine Ljubav Stvar (Serbia)

It’s my personal coutdown of favourite Eurovision entries from the past 10 years! And now is time for 2012.

After a very disappointing year in 2011 (at least for me), 2012 looked a lot brighter and it gave us some great entries such as Greece and Cyprus, the crazy dynamic duo of perky ladies singing in mini skirts, (and you can fit Romania in there as well), Italy, Denmark, Norway and Albania. Unlike last year, this time all my favourites made it to the final!

But just like last year, I also have two songs tied in first place as my top favourites. Pastora Soler’s Quedate Conmigo on one hand, is my favourite spanish entry of all times, and even when she got a respectable 10th place, I think she deserved even better, at least top 5. On the other hand, I’m a big, big fan of Zeljko Joksimovic so he’s back again on this list,  Nije Ljubav Stvar is just superb, even better than Lane Moje from 2004 and likewise, my favourite serbian entry ever.

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Maja Keuc,
Eurovision 2011

2011 - Maja Keuc - No One (Slovenia)

Moving forward in the countdown of my favourite Eurovision entries from the past 10 years, now is 2011’s turn.

I have mixed feelings about 2011 because it had some great entries as usual, but most of them ended far lower than I expected. Some of my favourite entries this year include Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia, Norway and Armenia… and none of them passed to the final! From those that did pass, I also liked Austria, Switzerland and Ukraine

Tied in first place as my top favourite for this year are Serbia and Slovenia. I’m glad Nina managed to get a spot in the final against all prediction, her entry is so fun and so cute! Maja on the other side is so sexy and I loved her entry since I heard the original in slovenian, I’m still undecided of which version I like the most.

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Hera Björk,
Eurovision 2010

2010 - Hera Björk - Je Ne Sais Quoi (Iceland)

Now is time to talk about 2010, during the countdown of my favourite eurovision entries from the past 10 years.

2010 is another special year for me because it was the first contest I actually followed before the final. Some of my favourite entries from this year include the catchy France and Greece, the underrated Poland and Slovakia and the ones that actually did pretty well, like Armenia and Turkey… I’m still mad because maNga didn’t win…

I’m giving a special mention to Iceland because I think it was the greatest injustice that year, Hera Björk had it all, a good song, had a good live presentation, great vocals and an awkward dance routine, I don’t how it didn’t end up in the top 10.

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Eurovision 2009

2009 - Hadise - Dum Tek Tek (Turkey)

Resuming the countdown of my favourite Eurovision entries of the past 10 years, now is time to talk about 2009.

2009 is undoubtedly my favourite year so far, some of my most favourite entries of all times are from this year, and they’re too many to mention, but some of them include Azerbaijan, Estonia, Armenia, Ukraine, Iceland, Moldova, Sweden, and the host nation Russia … I could do a whole top 10 just for this year!

I just decided to give a special mention to Turkey because it was this very song what started it all for me. That’s right! It was the first song from ESC I ever heard and the one that introduced me to the whole Eurovision world. It’s also my favourite turkish entry of all times (or maybe just tied with Sertab Erener from 2003) and I’m a fan of Hadise since then.

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Ani Lorak,
Eurovision 2008

2008 - Ani Lorak - Shady Lady (Ukraine)

Let’s continue with my countdown of my top favourites for Eurovision from the past 10 years. Now is time to talk about 2008.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to have the first woman in the list in 2008 given that all my favourites from this year are from female performers, hah!

Yes, there are the very famous ones, like Kalomira from Greece and Sirusho from Armenia… but there is also another one who, despite the respectable 6th placing it got, I don’t see many people talking about, and that’s Jelena Tomašević competing in home turf. All of them great!

And then we have Ani Lorak, and I sum myself to the crowd who thinks Ukraine deserved to win instead of Russia, I mean, Shady Lady was by faaaar better and more memorable than Dima Bilan’s dull ballad (one of my least favourite winners of the latest years) and besides, am I the only one who thinks having Plushenko skating awkardly in cirles around him was just plain ridiculous? Ani: you’re the true winner for me.