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Maja Keuc,
Eurovision 2011

2011 - Maja Keuc - No One (Slovenia)

Moving forward in the countdown of my favourite Eurovision entries from the past 10 years, now is 2011’s turn.

I have mixed feelings about 2011 because it had some great entries as usual, but most of them ended far lower than I expected. Some of my favourite entries this year include Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia, Norway and Armenia… and none of them passed to the final! From those that did pass, I also liked Austria, Switzerland and Ukraine

Tied in first place as my top favourite for this year are Serbia and Slovenia. I’m glad Nina managed to get a spot in the final against all prediction, her entry is so fun and so cute! Maja on the other side is so sexy and I loved her entry since I heard the original in slovenian, I’m still undecided of which version I like the most.

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Hera Björk,
Eurovision 2010

2010 - Hera Björk - Je Ne Sais Quoi (Iceland)

Now is time to talk about 2010, during the countdown of my favourite eurovision entries from the past 10 years.

2010 is another special year for me because it was the first contest I actually followed before the final. Some of my favourite entries from this year include the catchy France and Greece, the underrated Poland and Slovakia and the ones that actually did pretty well, like Armenia and Turkey… I’m still mad because maNga didn’t win…

I’m giving a special mention to Iceland because I think it was the greatest injustice that year, Hera Björk had it all, a good song, had a good live presentation, great vocals and an awkward dance routine, I don’t how it didn’t end up in the top 10.

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Eurovision 2009

2009 - Hadise - Dum Tek Tek (Turkey)

Resuming the countdown of my favourite Eurovision entries of the past 10 years, now is time to talk about 2009.

2009 is undoubtedly my favourite year so far, some of my most favourite entries of all times are from this year, and they’re too many to mention, but some of them include Azerbaijan, Estonia, Armenia, Ukraine, Iceland, Moldova, Sweden, and the host nation Russia … I could do a whole top 10 just for this year!

I just decided to give a special mention to Turkey because it was this very song what started it all for me. That’s right! It was the first song from ESC I ever heard and the one that introduced me to the whole Eurovision world. It’s also my favourite turkish entry of all times (or maybe just tied with Sertab Erener from 2003) and I’m a fan of Hadise since then.

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Ani Lorak,
Eurovision 2008

2008 - Ani Lorak - Shady Lady (Ukraine)

Let’s continue with my countdown of my top favourites for Eurovision from the past 10 years. Now is time to talk about 2008.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to have the first woman in the list in 2008 given that all my favourites from this year are from female performers, hah!

Yes, there are the very famous ones, like Kalomira from Greece and Sirusho from Armenia… but there is also another one who, despite the respectable 6th placing it got, I don’t see many people talking about, and that’s Jelena Tomašević competing in home turf. All of them great!

And then we have Ani Lorak, and I sum myself to the crowd who thinks Ukraine deserved to win instead of Russia, I mean, Shady Lady was by faaaar better and more memorable than Dima Bilan’s dull ballad (one of my least favourite winners of the latest years) and besides, am I the only one who thinks having Plushenko skating awkardly in cirles around him was just plain ridiculous? Ani: you’re the true winner for me.

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Verka Serduchka,
Eurovision 2007

2007 - Verka Serduchka - Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Ukraine)

Continuing my list of Eurovision favourite artists of each year from the last 10 years, now is 2007’s turn.

2007 offered some catchy entries, such as Greece and Turkey, which always make me wanna dance. There was also Russia introducing sexyness to the contest and Bulgaria, with a very interesting proposal which gave them their best placing to date…

… And then there’s Ukraine, which with Verka Serduchka gave one of the most memorable and I dare say, iconic performances in the history of Eurovision.

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Eurovision 2006

2006 - Andre - Without your Love (Armenia)

Continuing my list of favourite Eurovision artists of each year from the last 10 years, now is time for 2006.

There are a lot of songs I loved from 2006, among them are Bosnia & Herzegovina (everything related to Zeljko is good in my book), Ukraine, never disappointing in sending gorgeous women and of course the great, magnificent Iceland!What would Eurovision be without some drama?

I’m highlighting Armenia though, because talking about the songs themselves, Andre’s was one of my top favourites, alongside B&H.

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Martin Vucic,
Eurovision 2005

2005 - Marin Vucic - Make My Day (FYR Macedonia)

Continuing my list of favourite Eurovision artists of each year from the last 10 years, now is time to talk about 2005.

My top favourite for Kyiv 2005 was the actual winner Helena Paparizou. My Number One is probably my favourite winner of these past 10 years. But 2005 also had other great entries, among them Israel, Hungary and Spain… yes, Spain, despite being taken as a joke by many, and the low place it got, I actually enjoy it, probably the most catchy song of this year!

Besides these, I also highlight FYR Macedonia, winner of the prestigious Barbara Dex Award for the most horrendous outfit… but the song is not that bad!

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Željko Joksimović ,
Eurovision 2004

2004 - Željko Joksimović - Lane Moje (Serbia & Montenegro)

Time for another countdown before ESC 2014! This time it will be of my favourite entries of each year from the last 10 years, so I’ll start with 2004!

Some of my favourites for the 2004 contest include Germany, a great love ballad, Spain, which added the latin-american flavour to the contest and FYR Macedonia, which I think was greatly underrated. But my top favourite was without a doubt the debutant country of Serbia & Montenegro, which almost achieved what Serbia alone would do just 3 years later; win the contest with its first participation. I love Ruslana and Wild Dances is one of my favourite winners from the latest years, but for me, Željko deserved to win in Istambul.

Rise Like a Phoenix by Conchita Wurst representing Austria for Eurovision 2014

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